Helene Risor

Helene Risor

Ph.D. in Anthropology from the Københavns Universitet. Associate Professor of Anthropology at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile School of Anthropology and Adjunct Professor at the Københavns Universitet Institut for Antropologi. Principal researcher of the Center for Intercultural and Indigenous Research (Centro de Estudios Interculturales e Indígenas, CIIR).

She has researched political subjectivity issues as well as local and global scale citizens’ practices and State formation in Latin America. Currently she is investigating the role and social life of official reparations in the context of the formation of the democratic state in Chile.

  • Linea de investigación

    Criminal Violence and Urban Insecurity, Political, Ethnical and Radicalization Violence

  • Cargo

    Associate Researcher / Director

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