Piergiorgio de Giminiani

Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University College London. Associate Professor of Anthropology at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile School of Anthropology. Principal Researcher of the Center for Intercultural and Indigenous Research (Centro de Estudios Interculturales e Indígenas, CIIR) and Associate Researcher of the Ethnography of Neoliberalism and Aspiration Nucli (ENA).

His is research is on material and ideological aspects of reparation; the historical relationship between colonialism by settlements and conservation of frontier areas in the south of Chile; transformative processes activated by small businesses public policies in Santiago and center-north of Chile, nationalism, and cosmopolitanism in contemporary paths of work reactivation and agricultural undertakings in the center-south of Italy.

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    Structural Violence and Discrimination, Political, Ethnical and Radicalization Violence

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