Alejandra Luneke

Alejandra Luneke

Ph.D. in Sociology from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. Lecturer at Alberto Hurtado University Department of Sociology. Researcher at the Center for Sustainable Urban Development (Centro de Desarrollo Urbano Sustentable, CEDEUS), the Center for Social Cohesion and Conflict Research (Centro de Estudios de Conflicto y Cohesión Social (COES), and the Millennium Center for Authority and Power Asymmetry (Núcleo Milenio Autoridad y Asimetrías de Poder).

Her research has centered in state security policies and urban territory control, socio-spatial transformation processes and territorial inequality, as well as violence and fear in urban surroundings.

  • Linea de investigación

    Structural Violence and Discrimination, Criminal Violence and Urban Insecurity

  • Cargo

    Associate Researcher / Alternate Director

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